Digital Property Created on the Internet Every 60 Seconds

On MSNBC’s Technolog, I read an interesting posting from June 16, 2011, by Rosa Golijan titled What Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds. These statistics come from an Infographic by Shanghai Web Designers (larger image), and, as Ms. Golijan points out, these statistics haven’t been verified.

Assuming these are accurate estimates, it is amazing to see how quickly digital property is created. The valuable and significant digital property items should be included in a person’s estate planning for incapacity and death so that family members and fiduciaries can efficiently access, protect, and transfer these items.

From that Infographic, some of the interesting examples include:

  • Over 168,000,000 e–mails are sent every 60 seconds
  • Over 695,000 Facebook status updates are written every 60 seconds
  • Over 6,600 digital photos are added to Flickr every 60 seconds
  • About 600 digital videos are added to YouTube every 60 seconds
  • About 320 new Twitter accounts are created every 60 seconds
  • Over 100 new LinkedIn accounts are created every 60 seconds
  • About 70 new Internet domain names are registered every 60 seconds
  • Over 60 new blogs are created every 60 seconds
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