“Live” Funeral Video Broadcasting Over the Internet

On January 24, 2011, The New York Times ran an article titled “For Funerals Too Far, Mourners Gather on the Web.” Author Laura Holson reports that funeral homes and software companies are using new technologies to broadcast a video of a person’s funeral over the Internet so that family members and friends can be included wherever they are located. In addition to the “live” streaming broadcast of the funeral, the technology can also preserve the video for family members and friends to view in the future. This sounds like an excellent way to preserve the eulogies, photos, songs, and other memories of a loved one.

The companies mentioned in the article that broadcast funeral videos are:

The article makes an excellent point about privacy and the personal nature of funerals. The companies could require a password before a family member or friend is allowed to view the funeral video, which would address those privacy concerns.

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